About us

is the first Ukrainian platform of sport events which has set an ambitious goal to make sport a part of people’s daily routine and support friendly environment to popularize new kinds of active leisure in your cities.

Being part of Vimbird’s community, you can easily organize sport events of any kind, find like-minded people and together materialize your sport ideas.

Our priority is to eliminate the organizational barriers for people that already hold regular sports activities but spend too much time to notify people about the place and time of the event, confirming their presence, and other issues like these. In Vimbird all these processes are centralized within the event page. This will provide organizers and participants with an easy way finding common ground as soon as possible.

One of the novelties of Vimbird is the ability to suggest an event, which is currently not available in a particular city. When such event proposal has been created, Vimbird will start promoting it and searching for other users who may be interested in this event. Once such users are found, Vimbird will automatically create an event for them to discuss the rest of details.

In our short term goals is to attract to the platform sports providers of Ukrainian largest cities so that people can quickly find and take part in commercial sports events.

The presence of sports providers will also allow organizers to find facilities for their own events in a new, hassle-free approach, and, simultaneously, help providers in extending their audience.

You can learn more about Vimbird in the article recently published by ain.ua.

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